Southern Grove Dill Pickle Cashews

Dill pickles are one of my favorite things, so when I saw that ALDI started making cashews with dill pickle flavor I was excited to try them. I started seeing the Southern Grove Dill Pickle Cashews at ALDI sometime in the last year and they seem to be here to stay. The cashews are a good snack. They remind me a little of dill pickles, but the flavor is not overly dilly, nor overly pickley. They are mostly cashewy. I actually don’t get too much dill pickle flavor until the after taste. I wouldn’t buy these if you think dill pickles are gross. I would buy them if you just want a nutty snack with a little more flavor. All of this said, nuts have a lot of calories, so to keep cashews to a 100 calorie snack there are not too many nuts in the package. That hasn’t stopped me from buying these and enjoying every bite.

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