Pur Aqua Belle Vie Blackberry Cucumber Sparkling Water

Pur Aqua Vie Blackberry Cucumber Sparkling Water

I drink about one can of sparkling water per day. Some really are better than others. Some are also much more expensive than others. As sparkling water has become a popular soda alternative, ALDI has been carrying a range of sparkling waters, some of them are ALDI brands while others are popular name brands. Pur Aqua Vie Bold is ALDI’s brand of fancier sparkling water. The blackberry cucumber flavor shouldn’t really be characterized as “bold”. It is good and it has a fruity flavor. It doesn’t go flat quickly. I really enjoy the light flavor and this is one of my go-to flavors. However, I don’t taste blackberry or cucumber. Pur Aqua Vie Bold Blackberry Cucumber Sparkling Water is a nice change from the boring grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime flavors. It’s fun to drink and it makes me happy. 🙂

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